A Partnership of the University of Minnesota Foundation and University of Minnesota Alumni Association.

Discovery Nexus

Discovery Nexus®

The Discovery Nexus® is a 30,000+ square-foot innovation and collaboration center that serves as the convening location for multiple departments engaged with external audiences in the creation, development, and commercialization of the novel inventions and know-how that are part of the University’s “Driven to Discover” mission.

Opened on the 2nd floor of the McNamara Alumni Center in October 2017, the Discovery Nexus® facilitates entrepreneurship and new business formation. With new public spaces and state-of- the-art technology that highlights how discovery happens at the University, Discovery Nexus® is the intersection between businesses, entrepreneurs, economic development leaders, alumni, and the students and faculty at the University of Minnesota who are leading exciting research and development. The consortium of Discovery Nexus® tenants also includes the University of Minnesota Alumni Association, which engages in connecting alumni located around the world with this many-faceted University.

Discovery Nexus® is an important connecting point for the University to bring together people engaged in Research, Development and Commercialization. Discovery Nexus® is utilized by University students, educators, researchers and businesses to bring great ideas to market. It also serves as a launch pad for new start-up businesses. There is no other place on campus where these activities come together in one place.

Discovery Nexus

McNamara Alumni Center, Second Floor
200 Oak Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-624-9831

Discovery Nexus